Othello Mixtec Ministry Update

Things are beginning to accelerate here in Othello! Our Sunday services, ministry for kids, and weekly home Bible studies are growing! In the Mixtec home services, people have been communicating more week by week and getting much more involved. Various individuals are helping cook, setting up, and beginning to dialog much more with the teaching. The biggest change and cause for prayer is one of the young men in our group – a natural leader who has been very skeptical for the last 3 years. Recently, this young man has decided to engage and is now the one who interacts the most during meetings and looks forward to each meetings. The stories in the book of Genesis and especially the faith of Abraham have really resonated with him and made something click. We are looking to move these home services to the church building officially by the end of summer.

  • Pray as this young and small congregation takes its first steps as a church plant!
  • Pray for the Ryan family serving as Global Service Network missionaries in Othello, WA. Josh and Sarah Ryan have been learning to speak and teach in Mixtec so that Othello’s large Mixtec community will be able to hear and understand the love that Jesus has for Mixtecs in their heart language.

CrossLink has been a part of reaching out to the Mixtec community in Othello for over a decade through various outreach events. After the Ryans arrived, CrossLink established a Mixtec Ministry Fund where 100% of donations go directly to cover ministry expenses such as purchasing and setting up Bible tablets with audio in the unique dialect of each Mixtec family (14 different dialects in this language), as well as to purchase resources for children’s ministries and outreach events.

Go to our GIVE page to donate towards ministry expenses.
If you would like to give directly to the Ryans missionary fund, please contact us and we’ll direct you to their Global Services Network ministry site.