Exciting things are happening as God leads and grows this ministry! CrossLink is an evangelical support ministry, collaborating with churches and missionaries in the US Pacific Northwest, Venezuela, and Mexico! Church planting, short-term missions, discipleship & training ministries, as well as missionary encouragement are all parts of what God has called us to do. Join us where God leads you to participate!

CrossLink is based on the vision and calling to support on-going partnership with Hispanic ministries in Venezuela, Mexico, and in Eastern Washington. Many Eastern Washington communities are comprised of a majority population whose first language is Spanish. Most have never heard a clear presentation of the gospel. This vision and partnership has blossomed into the ministry it is today.


Othello Mixtec Ministry Update

The Mixtec Christmas Outreach Event this year will look different than previous years. Like everything else, reaching out to the Mixtec community had to adapt and passing out blankets, coats, or Christmas shoeboxes full of gifts was no longer an option. So instead of a large festive gathering with hot chocolate and Christmas cookies, Josh and Sarah Ryan are working on gathering supplies for Christmas Gift Packages that will be put together by a local church and delivered by small groups to individual families over the span of a few weeks. To read more or learn how to help, go to the November 2020 Ministry Update here.

Go to the Mixtec Ministries Page
Go to Mixtec Ministries November 2020 Ministry Update

Pray for the work of CrossLink

  • Pray for our ministry partners in Venezuela with Covid-19 restrictions and the ministries of the RAVENZ and Arepitas de Amor food assistance programs to continue providing for needs.
  • Pray for the Central Mexico Leadership Conference planned for Fall 2021 and Baja Mexico Leadership Conference planned for Summer 2021.
  • Encouragement and wisdom for CrossLink Board members.
  • New and continuous support in prayer, finances, and participation.
  • Pray for the CrossLink Missionaries in Yakima, WA and in Tieton, WA.
  • Pray for the Spanish Bible Study in Ellensburg, WA.
  • Pray for the families in Othello who were reached by the Mixtec Ministry Christmas 2020 event.
  • Praise God for the impact of the Mexico Health Fair 2020 outreach events in four locations. Pray for churches that are leading Bible studies in El Tarengo, El Venado, San Isidro, and El Maguey.  Pray for future volunteers who are skilled in a medical profession.
  • Pray for Iglesia Biblica Sinai and Iglesia Biblica Vida Nueva and their ministry to families in the upcoming Easter season and during the pandemic.


“Christians need the gospel as much as non-Christians do.”

Timothy Keller

“Where cross-cultural engagement is concerned, token adjustments are no longer an option. To advance a credible message of God’s love for all people in an increasingly diverse society, we must move ourselves entirely as well as the churches we lead. We must adjust to a new reality.”

Mark DeYmaz

“The world’s peace is intermittent based on transitory circumstances. Christian peace is constant based on the never changing love of God.”

Timothy Keller

“Christianity is not a religion. Religion is the effort of men to reach out to God. Christianity is the only belief system in which God reaches out to man.”⁣

Elias Garcia

CrossLink is entirely dependent on the gifts and prayers of those who are led by God to participate and support this ministry. Your partnership means so much to all of us involved here at CrossLink. Thank you for making a difference!

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