Othello Mixtec Ministry Update

The Mixtec Christmas Outreach Event this year will look different than previous years. Like everything else, reaching out to the Mixtec community had to adapt. Passing out blankets, coats, and Christmas shoeboxes were no longer options. So instead of hot chocolate and Christmas cookies, Josh and Sarah Ryan are working on gathering supplies for Christmas Gift Packages that can be put together and delivered to families over the span of a few weeks.

Josh and Sarah Ryan are GSN missionary associates who have lived in Othello for several years. The Ryans have a passion for learning the Mixtec language and leading Bible studies with Mixtec families. The goal of the Christmas Outreach this year is to give Christmas Packages to 300 families in 4 predominantly Mixtec neighborhoods.

Inside each Christmas package will be a $40 gift card to Walmart, a Bible in English and Spanish, a tract with an invitation to online services in Spanish, and candy for the children. In addition, families who have not yet received a Mixtec language Bible tablet and who want to hear the Mixtec Bible translation being read aloud will be given a tablet.

With the virus situation, the Ryans are hoping this form of outreach will be more effective at connecting with families.

Here’s where the Ryans need your help:

  1. Pray for the Ryans and pray for the families who will be receiving Christmas Packages in Othello.
  2. Support the cost of putting together Christmas Packages and giving away Mixtec language Bible tablets.

100% of donations to the CrossLink Mixtec Ministry Fund go directly towards Mixtec Ministry expenses in Othello.

Thank you!