Prayer Warriors Needed

Autumn leaves turning reds and yellows. Pumpkins turning orange. The harvest is almost over and apple trucks are rolling through the Yakima Valley. Cooler weather is here and big snowfalls are forecasted early this year. With minimal indoor activities allowed by the health department, more of us have ventured outside, hiked local nature trails, and viewed the beauty that God has created in the landscapes around us. Romans 1:20 speaks of God’s invisible attributes, “his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made.”

What does it mean to perceive God’s invisible attributes of eternal power and divine nature? Certainly something to contemplate on your next outdoor excursion. In last month’s update, we shared a missionary need for the Hernandez family. Thank you for praying because God provided for Vasti to attend college classes this quarter and next quarter. The connections between different threads in Vasti’s story and how her need was met could only be divine providence – doors that were expected to stay shut suddenly opened overnight for her to continue her education. Again, we clearly perceive that God is in control of this situation and we thank Him for providing for Vasti.

Pray for the Hernandez family and pray specifically that the necessary legal costs, timing, and updates for their missionary religious visas will work out in everyone’s favor. We trust that God is in control and He will provide for His children.

Venezuela Ministries Assistance Fund

Our Venezuela fund is nearly depleted every month. In a country with the 4th largest food crisis in the world and with malnutrition so severe that 15% of children under age 5 suffer from stunted growth and 30% of children are anemic*, CrossLink is hoping to be able to continue the same level of financial support to the churches who are the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities. Almost every day, we receive reports from church partners in Venezuela as to how they use the food – that CrossLink helps buy through your donations – to share the love of Jesus with families and children in their communities. We have 31 missionaries and pastors at churches spread around the state of Trujillo and each church receives about $20 worth of food each month – $620 split 31 ways. The amount designated to each church seems minimal in comparison to the need, but the churches are able to multiply what they receive into thousands of meals. Thank you for your continued support of this food program. (*Source:

Pray for our Venezuela church partners and their vital ministry in feeding their communities and sharing God’s great love to each person they feed – especially the children who are most at risk. We trust that God is in control and through His invisible attributes of eternal power and divine nature, He will provide for His children.

The church called “God is my Peace” delivered 44 kilos of pasta (about 97 pounds) and 72 cans of sardines to 40 families on Friday, October 9, 2020.

The church called “Rose of Sharon Bible Church” provided 36 children with breakfast on Saturday morning, October 10, 2020.

Mexico Ministries

Currently, the Central Mexico Leader’s retreat is planned for November 4-8, 2020 and the Baja California Mexico Leader’s retreat is planned for Summer 2021. The Leadership retreats are designed for pastors and church leaders, along with their families, to come together for biblical leadership training, fellowship, fun, worship, and spiritual renewal and rest. The state of Jalisco has some restrictions due to the Covid pandemic and this is making the planning and timing of these retreats difficult.

Pray for the pastors in Central Mexico who need a short sabbatical and a few days to connect with other pastors and families who are living out the gospel and ministering to others in their communities. Especially with an on-going pandemic, we ask for the safety and wisdom of leaders in Jalisco – both government health officials in Jalisco and the pastors of churches.