Mexico Ministries Update

Originally in this month’s update, CrossLink intended to share the good news that a church partner in Atotonilco, Mexico, Casa de Pan y Alabanza, recently finished building a facility to help with church ministry after 5 years of work by members in their congregation. The bad news is that Mexican Federal and State governments have specifically forbidden celebrating public church meetings, even less than 50 people – at least until June 1. So, what do you do when you cannot have public church gatherings?  We asked Steve Montgomery, a missionary pastor with Casa de Pan y Alabanza what the churches in Central Mexico were doing instead.

Gathering in Homes:

The Mexican churches in Atotonilco, San Joaquin, and Tototlán gather in homes by dividing the churches in Atotonilco and San Joaquin into about 8 groups, and the church in Tototlán into two home meetings. Each week the churches publish who is assigned to each home group, changing some attendees each time to broaden the fellowship. The hosts meet mid-week via Zoom to give a report on how the meeting in their home is going and to receive notes for what they will be teaching in their homes that week.

Although the change of venue for where the church body meets is very different, God has not changed. One positive outcome of this change is the opportunity for pastors and missionaries to disciple the hosts of each home on how to teach the Word of God to others. Another gift is that after each of the Sunday gatherings in homes, the church members wear face masks and gloves and take gifts to nearby homes. Each week the gift is different, so far a Bible, a coloring book, hand gel, masks, and a DVD of the Jesus film were given out. After receiving a Bible, one girl came to the host’s home and asked where she should start reading. One church in Atotonilco had a unique opportunity when the government started paving the street through the neighborhood. No city garbage pick-up is available during paving, so a small church team has been going through the neighborhood twice a week to pick up trash from homes. The appreciation of the neighbors has opened the doors for conversation and the church is planning to host a summer children’s program when the quarantine is lifted, the street is paved, and it is safe to do so.

Continue to pray for our Mexico partners and friends as they live out the gospel in their neighborhoods!