March 2020 Ministry Update

Venezuela Ministries Assistance Fund

As you know, the Covid-19 virus has changed life significantly for many of us in the United States with school closures and businesses shuttered. As we reflect on the discomfort to our society caused by an unseen virus, one great resource for living out the gospel while suffering is the example of our brothers and sisters in Venezuela.

In Venezuela, the way of life for most people has changed and continues to change daily. However, God’s power and presence is seen throughout the country in significant ways as the churches work continuously to share the truth of God’s goodness and very real love with everyone – in the middle of very real suffering. In fact, no one is immune from suffering in a country where over 70 percent of people experience daily food insecurity and extremely limited medications and medical help. The Venezuelan evangelical congregations are working together to meet the spiritual and physical needs of their communities – pooling resources to provide meals for school children, hospital patients, and people who simply cannot find or afford food.

With the Covid-19 pandemic in full force, Venezuelans are required to quarantine right now until April 13, possibly longer. Where malnutrition is commonplace, the concern is that Covid-19 will further add to the current suffering. Now more than ever, we need to support the pastors and churches who are present daily in the lives of needy children and families – families whose hearts are responding to the precious news of the gospel of Christ because of the unity and love from believers in Venezuela.

Here are ways that you can help:

  1. Pray for the Venezuelans during this new pandemic crisis in their country. Pray for the churches to be able to continue meeting the needs of hungry children and families. From January 21, 2020 to March 22, 2020, CrossLink received 41 messages from 9 of the 31 pastors that we support through the Ravenz program. Of those 9 churches, we counted 924 children who were served meals at schools and community places.
  2. Please consider giving to the Venezuela Ministries Assistance Fund where 100% of donations to this fund are used to purchase food that is distributed to 31 pastors in the state of Trujillo in Venezuela. All of this funding is to assist in their local ministries. Our monthly goal is to raise $620/month – which provides about $20 worth of food to give to each pastor. You can give my check or PayPal. Go to our Give page here for more information.
  3. We have more information on CrossLink’s Venezuela Ministries Page. Click Here.