“What do you envision for your retirement?”

I remember dreaming about how to answer that question when I first opened my retirement accounts. Honestly, after laboring away the years in our careers – we deserve a little bit of the good life, right? Pursuing forgotten hobbies, lots of time playing with the grandkids, the freedom to travel as we wish, and perhaps early bird dinners at Shari’s restaurant. To some extent, isn’t this what the American dream has sold us on?

In light of this version of the American dream, I’d like to introduce (or re-introduce) you to Dwight and Sarah Hires. Upon reaching the culmination of their career ten years ago, the Hires made the counter-cultural decision to become missionaries in the San Quintin Valley in Baja, Mexico. For them, the great commission was far too pressing to settle for the “good” life. They moved one thousand miles away from their kids and grandkids to live in a culture different than their own, to learn a new language, and to give their golden years to encourage, support, and bless indigenous pastors and see the Kingdom of God in Mexico.

Stories like the Hires are beautiful reminders that there is no retirement when it comes to the mission of God. My challenge to you is answering a simple question – what is your mission? You might be in your retirement years, or perhaps retirement is in the far distant horizon, but the question is still necessary to answer. What is your mission? And if you need some motivation to help you answer this question, you might just want to travel down to El Papalote, Mexico to spend time with the Hires yourself. I promise you that your soul will be encouraged, your heart challenged, and you will walk away with some new and dear friends.

Contributed by Kevin Deyette, Pastor at Restoration Church in Yakima, WA.

Photo: Greg and Sarah Hires (center) with Baja Mexico Leader’s Retreat volunteers from Restoration Church in Yakima, WA