Mixtec Ministries

Josh and Sarah Ryan

The Ryans are partners in reaching the Mixtec people with the Gospel of Christ in Othello, WA. Over 3,000 Mixtec people live and work in Othello, WA making up about 25% of the population. The Mixtec people represent about 20 different indigenous tribes from Mexico – each with a unique dialect of Mixtec – and that number is growing. The need for the Gospel to be shared in the heart language of the Mixtec is great.

Mixtec Ministry Mission Statement

In love and obedience to God and by his grace, our overall mission is to help establish evangelical, indigenously-led churches among the Mixtec people of Southeastern Guerrero. The short-term goal is to help establish a church plant among the Mixtec immigrants living in Othello, WA. The long-term goal is to help Mixtec believers plant churches back in their unreached hometowns in Mexico by preparing, sending, and supporting them through the church plant in Othello.

How Crosslink Supports Mixtec Ministry

Crosslink began ministering to the Mixtec people in Othello in 2007 through blanket and Christmas gift drives. In fact, it is because of those blanket drives that Josh and Sarah Ryan found out about the Mixtec people and decided to move and minister in Othello.

CrossLink continues to reach out to the Mixtec people by supporting the Ryan family and the ministry in Othello in two main ways:

  • Communicating to individuals and churches about the plight of the Mixtec people and their many needs for prayer.
  • Fundraising in order to help support many year-round outreach events like VBS camps, holiday gift drives, community outreach meals, weekly Sunday school outreach, and weekly youth group meetings. The funds are also used to give scripture to the Mixtec people in dialects close to their own languages through custom made Bible Tablets and physical Bibles.

How You Can Serve

The Ryans are thankful for the partnership we have in the Gospel with our brothers and sisters in Christ through Crosslink and pray that God would continue to be glorified as we fight together for the sake of reaching the Mixtec people with the Gospel.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Pray that God would continue to be glorified and that the Mixtec people would have access to the Gospel in their various heart languages. The first few Mixtec New Testament Bible translations have been published in 2018. The Mixtec villages and indigenous groups in Mexico and the United States have been celebrating each time a New Testament is published and delivered in their unique dialect.
  • Support the Mixtec ministry year-round outreach events and purchase of Bible translation materials by donating to CrossLink’s Mixtec Ministry Fund.
  • Support the ministry of Josh and Sarah Ryan directly through Global Service Network (GSN) 
  • Contact Josh and Sarah to find out ways to volunteer at Outreach Events or to donate blankets, coats, cookies, Christmas shoeboxes, and other supplies: js.ryan@outlook.com