Multi-Ethnic Ministry & Community Transformation

Collaborating with church and community leaders in the Yakima Valley to develop leadership, training, and communication on areas related to cultural and economic diversity. Biblical unity is crucial for churches to be credible in bringing the message of God’s love for ALL people to our cynical and increasingly diverse society.

The ultimate goal and the urgency of addressing multi-ethnicity within churches is to focus efforts on reconciling men and women to Jesus Christ, and consequently, on reconciling local communities of faith to the pattern of the New Testament local church – a church in which diverse people worshiped God together as one so that the world would know God’s love and believe.

“The New Testament Church was multi-ethnic. Believing Jews and Gentiles (in every church outside of Jerusalem) were walking, working, and worshiping God together as one – and this more than anything else is what credibly advanced the Gospel.” –Mark DeYmaz