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Post Mexico Health Fair 2018

April 2018

What if you moved to a new town and the only Christian church in your community met in someone’s living room, or in a garage, or maybe outside under a big shade tree – how would you find the church meeting? What if you always thought that church was a big cathedral or at least in a big cathedral?

We learned from Daniel Fontánez, a church planting missionary in central Mexico, that finding Christian church locations in Central Mexico is not easy. Most Christian churches do not own a building and even well-established churches rent a variety of locations.

One of the ways that the Health Fair is both a useful tool and a blessing for the churches in Central Mexico is that it makes the entire Christian church visible in a community. During the Health Fair, the town does not see individual believers, instead they see the whole local church body working together to care for the spiritual and physical well-being of everyone.

The Health Fair makes it easy to identify the local Christian church in a community. A Christian family who had recently moved to Tototlán saw the Health Fair being set up. As a result, the family was able to identify other believers in Christ and found their church home in a new town.

The Health Fair helps put on display the love that the churches have for people in their communities. As a result, new visitors and return visitors have participated in studying the Bible and worshipping Jesus at church meetings.

Continue praying for the Central Mexican churches to continue being the hands and feet of Christ in their communities!

Mexico Health Fair 2018

March 2018

During the 2018 Mexico Health Fair, the gospel was shared with 564 individuals in the states of Michoacán and Jalisco in Mexico.

A team of 10 volunteers from West Side Church partnered with four churches located in La Luz, Pajacuarán, Tototlán, and El Refugio to provide medical services and share the gospel.

In Tototlán, where Daniel Fontanez and his family are planting a church, the team served 82 adults and 114 children and many people were receptive to the gospel.

The team put together over 500 gift bags of supplies for adults.

The CrossLink Dental Van had some difficulty in La Luz, but worked fine in Pajacuarán and during the rest of the time.

Thank you everyone for your prayers for the team – they did a great job!

Continue to pray for the churches in La Luz, Pajacuarán, Tototlán, and El Refugio – as the church members continue the relational work of teaching people about Jesus through Bible studies and living out the gospel in their lives.