December 2017 Ministry Update

December 2017 Ministry Update: Merry Christmas in Othello!

Othello Shoe Box Drive: December 16, 2017, 11:00AM – 1:00PM

Josh & Sarah Ryan are hosting a Christmas Box Party on December 16 at 11AM in Othello. Pray for enough helpers and resources to run the event well. The event will take place at the same local church as the Blanket & Coat Drive. The plans are to do games with the kids, and have coffee and food for available for adults. In addition to giving away any Christmas Shoe Boxes, the Ryans will share the Gospel and invite people to go through scripture in their own language.

Back on November 4th, when the Ryan’s hosted a blanket & coat drive and gave away over 300 blankets, there were seven individuals who asked to join a Bible study in their language – primarily Mixtec. In your conversations with God, please pray for the seven people studying scripture and for future requests to join a Mixtec Bible study.

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