How is the school food program different in Venezuela with continuing Covid quarantines in place?

Arepitas de Amor is a program to provide meals primarily for school children. A small network of churches in Venezuela started the program and continues to feed students.

Arepitas de Amor can be translated into little bread snacks of love.

At one of the churches – Primera Iglesia Bautista in Trujillo (PIBT) – the Arepitas de Amor program runs a little different than it did a few months ago.

In February 2020, church members from PIBT met with school children at an outside gymnasium in the urban center of La Vega. Volunteers led lessons from the Bible, played games, and the students sat together for a small meal.

Fast forward to today and Pastor Ivan shared a photo with CrossLink and wrote, “The church continues to care for boys and girls in their homes.”

Thank you PIBT for sharing your beautiful photo collage of Arepitas de Amor volunteers and families with CrossLink. God’s continued provision is encouraging!

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